Application Maintenance

Application Services We Offer

We design and develop web, mobile and desktop applications of different complexity and for various needs. The success of our software solutions comes from:
The actual value to business
Stable work and undemanding support
High quality and timely releases
Agile delivery of new features

We can take responsibility for the management of your applications ensuring its increased business flexibility and optimized IT costs. With latest process management practices, our team will maintain and monitor your application servers and databases taking care of their enhanced performance, sustainability, stability and keeping them in sync with current business needs.
Our application management services include:
Remote application monitoring and performance management
Remote application support

Our team implements modernization of legacy applications to increase their efficiency and incorporate them better into a modern enterprise IT strategy.
We can Re-host an entire application from the on-premises or the old cloud infrastructure to the new cloud without significant modifications and changes in code.
We can move a part or an entire application to the cloud with small optimizations and upgrades to leverage such cloud capabilities as automated performance scaling and improved resilience.
We can change an application’s architecture and design to make it more scalable, flexible, and integration-friendly or to allow for simplified app maintenance and streamlined testing and deployment of further upgrades.
We can redesign certain application components, updating certain aspects (e.g., performance, functionality) or introducing new elements to an already existing system.

We perform comprehensive manual and automated testing (vital for Continuous Delivery) for every stage of the application life cycle (implementation, deployment, support and evolution) to timely identify potential risks and verify that your enterprise solutions work correctly and correspond to the established quality requirements.
We ensure comprehensive checking of your application with multiple types of testing, including:
Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Usability Testing
Integration Testing
Compatibility Testing

We provide detailed reports on identified defects and recommend on best remediation activities.