Hardware Advisory

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Personal Computers

We can take a look at your software applications and advise you on the personal computer that will support and enable you to achieve your business goals. We will recommend specifications on the hard drive space, RAM size, processor speed, required ports and brand. We are associated with suppliers of personal computers that offer warranties and layby purchase options. 

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Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices are key to your IT infrastructure. You may have an application that produces reports that may require to be printed. We can insure you get the right printer, whether it is a thermal, LaserJet, Dot-matrix or inkjet.  Other applications require particular resolutions on the display. We can recommend the right monitor for the job. Some applications require interfacing with others in a live video stream. We can make sure you get the right webcam compatible to the rest of your infrastructure. 

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Network Infrastructure

A network ties together your entire business setup. It is vital that you have the right network devices in your environment to get the most out of your systems. We can recommend routers, modems and network interface cards that will best apply to your business. If you require repeaters, switches and a firewall we can assist you in making the right choices.